How to start your dropshipping business in Denmark

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a method related to supply chain management. The retailer, in this case, will never keep goods in stock and will instead allocate the customer orders and all the details for shipment directly to the manufacturer or eventually another retailer or wholesaler. They then will ship the goods directly to the customer. Basically, the drop shipper will act as the middleman between the customers and the suppliers.

Dropshipping in Denmark

Denmark is one of the best countries where to start a business as it is one of the richest countries in the European Union and it also encourages citizens within the EU/EAA and Nordic countries to start small businesses. To start a business like dropshipping in Denmark is not required for you to be a Danish resident or to ever speak Danish as the Nordic countries are very fluent in English.

Do not be afraid of the spending power of Scandinavian countries: when it comes to dropshipping you will not pay the local prices as the commerce is done online.

Denmark has very easy internet access and popular payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Checkout or Alipay Global are available in the country.  Overall Denmark grants you access to a very highly developed e-commerce environment which is essential to start your business: you will never pay to own your store as everything is dealt online!

How does Dropshipping work

You can easily decide if you would like to assemble an online store by yourself or if you would like to outsource the job to a professional team who then will create it for you.

Either way, after your platform is all set, you can follow these 5 steps:

  1. Find a supplier: first of all, you will need to find an online supplier who is willing to sell the products you wish to sell to your customers
  2. Add the product to your website and do some marketing: once you know your supplier’s products you will have to take action and post them on your website and advertise them properly
  3. Receive the customer’s payment
  4. Redirect the orders to the supplier: you will pay the original price to the supplier and then just keep the profits you earned from the sale
  5. That is it! Now you just wait for the supplier to ship the order to your client and prepare yourself to start from step number 1!

Benefits of dropshipping in Denmark

If you love marketing and enjoy Denmark, there are some strong benefits into starting dropshipping there. First of all, everybody speaks English so there are low entry barriers. In addition, there is no need for stock or no risk to be stuck with bad stock as there is no physical inventory which will save you a lot of money when starting your e-commerce. Money is not tied up in stock and overall, dropshipping allows to have a very flexible lifestyle as the only requirements are to have a laptop and good wi-fi.

What if it does not work out? The great news is that you can easily walk out with no harsh repercussions as it is very cost-effective!

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